Useful Tips

Question What kinds of property ownership can you have in Japan?

Answer The most popular is freehold or an ownership to use freely. Since land and buildings are regarded as independent property in Japan, there are two types of freehold or ownership, such as land ownership and building ownership. However leasehold is also there.

Question How about land leases and building leases in Japan?

Answer Land lease rights has general land lease right and fixed term land lease rights, and the first one allows the land lessee to continue using the land as long as the lessee keeps paying the rent, but the second one does not allow the land owner using for 10-50 years. There are also two types of building lease rights such as general building lease rights and fixed building lease right.

Question What is the property brokerage business in Japan?

Answer There are two types of the property brokerage business. The first is the business of receiving fee for assisting someone or company to purchase or sell property. A broker helps the seller find a buyer or a buyer find property. In either case the broker fee depends on the sales price of the property. The another is the brokerage business of receiving fee for helping a company or a person find a property they want to lease, or helping a property owner find a tenant or lessee.